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We pay out over $120,000 every year to affiliates. Help us focus on what we do best. We provide the service & support. You just have to drive customers our way.

Recurring Payments

Most of our payouts are recurring, meaning you will receive money for as long as we retain the customers you refer. Forever.

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Customer Retention

Our staff will do their best to make sure the customer renews, so you will continue to earn additional commission.

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Various Cloud Services

We offer many different services all across many locations that you can showcase to several different market groups.

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Competitive Payouts

We have competitive rates for every line of plans we offer. Earn 10 to 30% of every dollar of revenue generated from referrals.

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VirMach serves many market segments.

Various Cloud Services You Can Promote

Private VPN

High earnings, and easy to market to many users. Packed with unique features that beat the competition.


Huge Earnings

Earn $50* for any managed VPS referrals

Current promotional payout rate for our new premium services.

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Once you meet the minimum $10 payout you may request your commission to store credit or receive it via PayPal.


Receive Large Payouts for Big Leads

$20 One-time

For our NVMe4G service (4GB VPS.)

$35 One-time

For our NVMe8G service (8GB VPS.)

$60 One-time

For our VDS (virtual dedicated) services.

Commission Rates


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Full Earning Price Sheet

Quickly & easily compare all payouts for our services. Explore our website for more information on the advertised services and use the product name for reference. Please note that for recurring prices, we’ve listed the expected annual earnings for annual purchases based on the percentage earning category. You still earn same % on monthly.

  • PRO+ MANAGED VPS $50 One-Time
  • ULTRA+ MANAGED VPS $50 One-Time
  • MAX+ MANAGED VPS $50 One-Time
  • NVMe4G VPS $20 One-Time
  • NVMe8G VPS $35 One-Time
  • NVMe16G VDS $60 One-Time
  • NVMe32G VDS $60 One-Time
  • Premium Private Proxy & VPN $20/YR Recurring
  • (3) Premium Private Proxy Pack $25/YR Recurring
  • (8) Premium Private Proxy Pack $50/YR Recurring
  • SHARED-5 Webhosting $2/YR Recurring
  • SHARED-10 Wehosting $4/YR Recurring
  • SHARED-20 Webhosting $8/YR Recurring
  • Shared Unmetered Webhosting $20/YR Recurring
  • Reseller Webhosting $25/YR Recurring
  • VPS Webhosting $35/YR Recurring
  • NVMe512M VPS $5/YR Recurring
  • NVMe1G VPS $10/YR Recurring
  • NVMe2G VPS $20/YR Recurring
  • STORAGE-250G VPS $3/YR Recurring
  • STORAGE-500G VPS $6/YR Recurring
  • STORAGE-1T VPS $12/YR Recurring
  • STORAGE-2T VPS $24/YR Recurring
  • STORAGE-4T VPS $48/YR Recurring

*Subject to change. Special categories of commission may be increased or decreased. Special categories and increased commission applies for non-discounted purchases only. Minimum is currently 10% per our terms of service. Minimum $10 payout. Please contact us if you are interested in fixed-rate commissions.

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