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NVMe2G VPS Hosting Package

2 vCPU Cores (Ryzen 3.4GHz+)
50GB Disk Space (NVMe SSD)
3TB Data Transfer (Bandwidth)

$100 $60/YR ORDER NOW

Linux VPS — AMD Ryzen CPU & NVMe SSD

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RAMCPUStorageBandwidthPortDedicated IP  
384MB½ Ryen vCore10GB NVMe500GB500MbpsYes$1.25/MOORDER NOW
512MB1 Ryzen vCore15GB NVMe1TB1GbpsYes$2.50/MOORDER NOW
1GB1 Ryzen vCore25GB NVMe2TB1GbpsYes$5/MOORDER NOW
2GB2 Ryzen vCore50GB NVMe3TB1GbpsYes$10/MOORDER NOW
4GB3 Ryzen vCore100GB NVMe4TB1GbpsYes$20/MOORDER NOW
8GB4 Ryzen vCore200GB NVMe5TB1GbpsYes$40/MOORDER NOW
16GB5 Ryzen vCore400GB NVMe10TB1GbpsYes$80/MOORDER NOW
32GB6 Ryzen vCore800GB NVMe20TB1GbpsYes$160/MOORDER NOW

Why is a Ryzen CPU better for VPS hosting?

Their strong clockrate makes them desired by gamers, but this also works out great for programs that require less CPU cores, which is exactly what usually runs on a virtual private server! One single Ryzen core is equivalent to nearly two to three Intel Xeon cores (a Ryzen 5950X versus an E5-2660 v2 for example.)

What is an NVMe SSD and how does it improve my Virtual Machine?
Usually, the part of the virtual machine that’s hosted and 100% yours is the disk. In true virtualization, which is what we provide, your disk is its own logical volume, completely independent from others. However, when it comes to disk operations, or the reads and writes that happen, these are shared across the entire physical solid state drive. An NVMe SSD is capable of up to a million operations per second, and speeds of up to 7,400MB/s at the time of writing this, so it makes it much less noticeable that you’re sharing anything with anyone! Multiple neighbors can happily read and write to the disk without holding each other up.