The Best VPS Experience

VirMach offers affordable VPS services, but if you’re looking for the finest cloud services money can buy, we also now offer first-class hosting with no compromise while still maintaining great value.

Top-Notch Hardware

A few of our servers go beyond premium and we'll be sure to deploy your virtual server on the absolute best available servers that pack a punch.

Extra Snappy Support

These plans cost a little bit more but that means we're able to provide a VIP technical support experience and assist you with challenging requirements, fast.

Bespoke & Friendly

If a plan does not meet your exact needs, you can contact us to customize your service and get exactly what you desire. Just let us know.

Are you ready for next level services?

All plans come with 100% dedicated memory, processor, and disk.

Pro+ Managed

$ 29 /Month
  • 2GB DDR4 RAM (3200MHz)
  • 100GB Ultra Fast NVMe Disk
  • 2 vCore CPU (3.4GHz+)


Ultra+ Managed

$ 49 /Month
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 200GB Ultra Fast NVMe Disk
  • 4 vCore CPU (3.4GHz+)

MAX+ Managed

$ 159 /Month
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 500GB Ultra Fast NVMe Disk
  • 8 vCore CPU (3.4GHz+)


  • Unmetered Data Plan
  • Both Linux and Windows Options
  • Management & Live Support

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Explore Our Premium Features

Live Support

Get access to our live support. An engineer will be on-call 24x7 to handle your support requests.


Assistance in configuring your server to your liking. Want to set up specific software? We'll do it.

Our Fastest CPU

We only place managed VPS services on our top of the line 5000 Series Ryzen servers.

Advanced SLA

Our 100% service level agreement, plus we'll also assist you with spinning up a temporary VPS if there's an outage.

Blazing NVMe (RAID10)

You'll go on our 4x NVMe SSD servers, using an advanced hardware RAID controller. This means up to 12,000MB/s

Premium Network

We'll place you on any 10Gbps server if available, but on our standard servers you also get up to 2Gbps speeds.