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Why are we the Best VPN?

The answer is a combination of speed, privacy & security, as well as a wide variety of locations at the right price.

We’re not the same.

A regular “VPN” is similar to sharing the same computer & network. Most VPN providers will run everyone’s VPN on the same shared server. This means your VPN’s IP address might be shared with someone else, and the provider can easily access your VPN service’s logs.

We do it differently. Your VPN with us is run in it’s own private & dedicated, truly virtualized server. In fact, you get full access to the server running your VPN. Of course, we make it simple for you, but if you wanted, you could log into the server running your VPN and modify the settings as you please. You even get your own dedicated resources to ensure your VPN always performs the best.

Private & Secure

You are provided full access to the server running your VPN, so you can configure your it as needed & ensure you’re the only user.

Speed & Location

With 11 locations, you can select the one that is closest to you for best performance. All VPNs come with up to 1Gbps speed.

Only $5 per month.

Online Anonymity

Maintain your privacy when browsing online by hiding your IP. We respect your privacy and do not share your details.

Cost & Support

You receive the best support at an extremely low price. We do not force you into annual contracts; you can cancel at any time.

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VPN Service

Location 10+ Available Locations

Protection 1x Secure Dedicated IP

Type 1Gbps Speed (1TB)

Ping 1 CPU & 128MB RAM

Eleven Available Cloud Locations

Buffalo, NY | Los Angeles, CA | Piscataway, NJ (NYC)

Chicago, IL | Dallas, TX | Frankfurt, DE | Atlanta, GA | San Jose, CA | Seattle, WA | Phoenix, AZ | Amsterdam, NL