Free Secure File Storage & Backups

Never lose your data

Learn about how we keep your data secure; absolutely free. Weekly backups currently in beta.


Location Available in all Ten VPS Locations

Protection Mirrored disks in RAID array (exact copy)

Type Protected against multiple disk failures


Location Available in Most Locations & Packages

Protection Weekly Off-Site Backups of entire VM

Type Recovery in case of data loss, $10 retrieval

Free Weekly Backups

Currently available in eight locations within the ColoCrossing network, for most packages.

Weekly Backups

Your entire VM is backed up every week, up to 100GB. Included with our OpenVZ & KVM line of packages in all available locations.



Made a mistake or lost your data? We can restore the copy of your VM if a backup is available, for a one-time $10 retrieval fee.


Disaster Recovery

If there’s a problem with disks and RAID mirroring, we have a copy of your data that can be restored as a last measure.

Get started by selecting the SSD128 – SSD8G or Micro+ – Enterprise+ line of plans in one of the available locations. Find the right plan for you; backups are automatic.

How does RAID 10 work?

Multiple disks in a RAID array, for faster speed and mirroring.


Multiple RAID 1 configurations are used, which are pairs of two disks that have a mirror (copy) of the same data. This ends up costing more as twice the number of disks are required, which means some lower quality hosting companies skip out on employing these mirroring and striping techniques. We don’t.


Not only do we use RAID 1 arrays, they are also put in RAID 0 arrays for better speed, at no additional cost to you. These RAID 1 arrays act as disks that are placed in RAID 0 configuration, which means data is split across multiple disks. This increases disk speed.