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We provide two levels of support with most of our packages. Explore what's included below.

Semi-Managed Standard Support

Included FREE with most packages

All our packages include free support, unless they are marked as a ‘limited support’ product, such as our unmanaged dedicated servers or our smallest VPS packages such as the “SSD256” and “Micro+”

Average response time of 3 hours

Most tickets are answered within 1 hour. Some tickets may be escalated to specific members of our team and may take longer to resolve, resulting in an average response time of 3 hours.

Basic general & technical support

  • Assistance with network & hardware issues – our team will fix basic networking and hardware problems with your service
  • Step-by-step application support – unless extremely complex, our agents will assist you with running basic commands
  • Basic manual functions – we will perform Windows re-installs, rDNS requests, ISO mounts, and billing term changes
  • Technical questions & guidance – our agents will explain how to perform technical tasks and configurations on your service
  • Optional additions – at an additional cost per our fee schedule, you may request IP changes, migrations, and more

Fully Managed Premium Support

Optional $25/mo with any package

Get up to 2 hours of premium support from our talented team, with nearly no limits. We will support your service as if you have hired your own personal system administrator.

Prioritized response: skip the line

While normal tickets are answered in chronological order, premium support tickets are always completed first, where available. Wait less and get quicker responses to all your tickets.

Includes unlimited tasks

  • Assistance with complex issues – our team will troubleshoot any technical issues with your server
  • Setup & configuration of applications – we will set up any software on your server and complete the configuration
  • All functions included – OS re-installs, rDNS requests, ISO mounts, billing changes, upgrades, backups, and more
  • All technical tasks – our agent will handle any technical changes to your service, such as security hardening
  • Optional extension – if you need more than 2 hours of support per month, you may purchase additional support